21 things I learnt in 2021

21 things I learnt in 2021

 2021 was another year filled with unexpected challenges and blessings. Whether it made me laugh, cry, smile, scream... everything was a lesson. As I reflect back on the year, I realise that 2021 has been a time of immense growth and evolution for myself, both as a ceramist and a human. It is a beautiful gift to witness the process while you are in it, and I thought I would share some of the lessons I've learnt here -



1. Doing the things you fear makes them a little less scary

2. You can plan all you want, but the universe has her own plans

3. How to live with uncertainty

4. If you have a loving and loyal family, you really are blessed

5. Having amazing friends, even just enough to count on one hand, is equally a blessing



6. It’s okay to rest when you need to

7. Time. Freaking. Management

8. How to juggle a bunch of jobs and still get things done

9. Broken hearts hurt, but they make us strong

10. Procrastination is just fear trying to stop you from being vulnerable



11. Less really, really, is more. So much more

12. Patience. With myself, and the other humans around me

13. Perfect truly doesn’t exist (okay?)

14. How to slab build again!

15. How to replace the elements in my kiln



16. Letting go of people, places and things is something we’ll have to do throughout our lives

17. That it’s totally okay to create with different mediums. This is not scatterbrained!

18. All we have is this moment, right now

19. Appreciate the rain when it falls, and relish the sun when it shines

20. Love the people you love while you still have the time to love them

21. We are capable of far more than we give ourselves credit for



I'm curious, what did 2021 teach you or reveal to you? I would love if you shared some of your 2021 lessons in the comments to add to this list.

- Jessica x

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